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"generally supportive of" in Spanish

generally supportive of
  • en general apoyo de
  • generalmente de apoyo a

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Despite the opposition of the hospital association, the emergency room doctors who staff their facilities are generally supportive of the bill.
He said others in the mining industry are generally supportive of the move because the government is moving towards a full private-sector pay requirement.
I think kids are generally supportive of each other's success, but these people on the internet could be in their 30s and 40s.
Showing at nonprofit organizations, which are generally supportive of emerging artists, is a good way to start out an art career.
They are generally supportive of measures that would see wealth redistributed from the rich to the poor.
Western consumers are generally supportive of the environment -- so long as they don't have to do anything about it.
Back then, people were generally supportive of a free press.
But they were generally supportive of the city's intention to become a living wage employer.
Roslyn business people and residents spoken to about the planned development were generally supportive of it.
While middle and senior managers were generally supportive of the scheme, many saw it as additional work that might distract them from their primary goals.

Context sentences for "generally supportive of" in Spanish

EnglishIn my opinion, the report does not do any justice to the programme's generally supportive and broad scope.
En mi opinión, el informe no obra en razón del amplio y útil alcance del programa.
English. - The EPP-ED Group is generally supportive of the thrust of the original report by Jean Lambert.
por escrito. - El Grupo del PPE-DE apoya en general la idea central del informe de Jean Lambert.
EnglishI am therefore generally supportive of this report, provided that Member States retain a prominent role in the management, designation and protection of wilderness.
Por lo tanto, en términos generales apoyo este informe, siempre que los Estados miembros conserven una función principal en la gestión, la designación y la protección de espacios naturales.
EnglishMy group has been generally supportive of the common position originally adopted by the Council, as I am well aware of the need to try and agree a speedy implementation of this regulation.
Mi Grupo ha apoyado en general la posición conjunta adoptada en principio por el Consejo, ya que soy muy consciente de la necesidad de intentar acordar una ejecución rápida de este Reglamento.

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