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"generally unaware of" in Spanish

generally unaware of
  • generalmente desconociendo
  • generalmente inconsciente de

Context sentences for "generally unaware of" in English

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A number of people are generally unaware of the potential symptoms of lung cancer, or associate a persistent cough with the seasons - hay fever, allergies or winter coughs and colds.
Adults are generally unaware of the fact that they need to get a booster vaccination against whooping cough.
Americans for the most part are generally unaware of the growing bilateral investment between the two countries.
Consumers are generally unaware of the potential harms of screening.
Most of us are generally unaware of this biochemically induced feeling.
Previous studies suggest that consumers are generally unaware of, or inaccurately estimate, the number of calories in restaurant foods.
The average listener is generally unaware of the amount of work that goes into music production.
The average person is generally unaware of the benefits derived from going offshore.
The public is generally unaware of the applicability of the card.
The unfortunate timing of the storms probably guaranteed that many people were asleep and generally unaware of any warnings.

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