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generate a debate
  • generar un debate

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Colohan said he presented the numbers on purpose to be provocative and to generate debate.
He says the index is likely to generate debate.
Last week's story was written with the best intention to generate debate, and let people have their say, that is the role of a community newspaper.
Resolutions also look set to generate debate.
I offer it to generate debate on an important economic issue.
The show has a great potential to generate debate on social media, which is imperative for us to consider when acquiring and licensing a format for an online platform.
I tolerate you and generate debate, can't you do the same?
It was meant to entertain and generate debate, but the online reaction has obscured the main message that there are many inexperienced cyclists who need better training.
Harvey's impending milestone is sure to generate debate about the contrasting eras of football in which the two men played.
The 12-year project aims to generate debate about public policy and consumer choices in some complex issues relevant to all of us.

Context sentences for "generate a debate" in Spanish

EnglishI would urge the Commission to take up this matter, and to generate a debate on compulsory and supplementary health schemes as they affect the population as a whole.
Le pido que la Comisión se ocupe de este punto y abra un debate sobre los sistemas de salud obligatorios y complementarios, en sus relaciones con el interés general.

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