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generate a feeling
  • generar una sensación

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And as all sacred centres do -- even amid (or capitalizing on) the genuine displays of grief and compassion -- it has begun to generate feelings of unanimity.
For reasons that are perhaps self-evident, local councils do not tend to generate feelings of warmth or enthusiasm among ordinary citizens.
He is also able to generate feelings of unease through the plot's unpredictable construction and excellent acting from his cast.
I struggle between wanting to accurately present my lived experience and not wanting to generate feelings of sympathy and pity.
The findings suggest dogs have taken advantage of our parental sensitivities - using behaviours such as staring into our eyes - to generate feelings of social reward and caretaking behaviour.
These ideas are bound to generate feelings of fear, anxiety and anger, along with love, contentment and happiness.
It generates feelings of anxiety that can be relieved only by drinking again.
It generates feelings of events that happened in the past from your subconscious, and the video for the song captured that perfectly.
It generates feelings of excitement, pleasure and joy that form part of the unique experience.
It generates feelings of humiliation, shame and crushes self-esteem.

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