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generate a list
  • generar una lista

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It's had the effect of cutting down on mass internal email chains dedicated to novelty ideas, and is a very robust way to generate lists of resources of all kinds.
Officials were using the system to generate lists of pupils that had been accepted at more than one school.
With the advent of online brokerage websites in the past few years, it's easier than ever for investors to generate lists of stocks to investigate further.
It enables energy auditors to generate a list of buildings to target, prepare the consumers for breakeven and energy savings, and report the actual utility savings.
Start it up and wait for it to generate a list of the programs on your computer.
Cookmate allows you to select the food that you have got on hand, then generates a list of recipes for you to choose from.
The portal then generates a list of the approved suitable seed varieties along with the names of the accredited seed companies producing and distributing them.
The sensors log times in and out of parking spaces and the system generates a list of offenders which is checked against video footage of numberplates.
The system generates a list of such defaulters on a real-time basis to reduce chances of bogus voting or booth capturing.

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