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generate a surplus
  • generar un excedente
  • generar un superávit

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It will aim to generate a surplus, because it would be impossible to operate otherwise.
On the other hand, by using a bond overlay, growth assets only need to exceed the financing cost to generate a surplus.
So, whenever you are able to generate a surplus, invest in top rated fixed deposits that provide higher interest rates.
The announced average national funding rate does include a margin for providers to generate a surplus.
To generate a surplus, we can see that the growth assets of a typical plan must obtain a higher return than the liabilities.
And in order for labour power to generate surplus value for the employer under capitalism, the price of labour must not exceed the cost of labour.
Of course, the fact that most retail employees work short, irregular hours makes it hard to generate surplus value!
In budgetary terms, a country needs to generate a surplus of taxes over expenditure to pay its debt obligations.
In addition, there will be other pure-play electric vehicle manufacturers generating surplus credits.

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