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generate a wave
  • generar una onda

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Members of the press were not invited to the meetings, generating waves of controversy over what may have been discussed at the get-together.
Watermark is a kind of mega hydro project of its own, generating waves of shock and awe.
Let's hope it has a ripple effect to generate waves of change across the planet.
Instead of influencing naming trends, celebrity parents may merely be picking up on a naturally generated wave.
The census has generated a wave of controversy after it was revealed names were a compulsory field to fill and data would be retained for four years.?
Couldn't something like this be used to generate wave power?
Of course, such revenue growth generates a wave of recruitment within the company.
This wealth of data is generating a wave of excitement in the aerospace and aviation industries.
Every time the fix-wing aircraft lands or cruises on the water surface for a take-off, it will generate waves that will affect marine life.
The crime has generated waves of shock and anger, not just over its gruesome nature, but also because of the complete lack of response from those who witnessed the crime.

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