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generate capital
  • generar capital

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Capital gains are not considered to be "income," so borrowing to generate capital gains alone won't cut it.
Just beware of investing borrowed money in products that may be designed to generate capital gains and not income of any type.
This has allowed the council to review the package of sites and some will now be disposed off through the open market to generate capital receipts.
We propose the sale of excess land and buildings in order to generate capital receipts to benefit the capital programme.
Only when the banking system is able to generate profits on a sustainable basis will it be able to generate capital.
The deck is stacked incredibly high against young people to generate capital.
Taxing the very things that generate capital gains and dividend profits -- labor, capital, and entrepreneurial success -- causes fewer productive resources to be employed in the economy.
The obvious route is to give children cash to put toward investments that generate capital gains, rather than income.
After all, a key reason many investors buy shares is to generate capital growth.

Context sentences for "generate capital" in Spanish

EnglishAs the capitalist crisis grows, water seems to be a tempting asset which can generate the profit that capital so greatly needs.
A medida que la crisis capitalista crece, el agua parece ser un activo tentador que puede generar los beneficios que tanto necesita el capital.
EnglishMost mental health services, at least those which generate a profit for capital, are being privatised within the framework of the Lisbon Strategy.
La mayoría de los servicios de salud mental, al menos los que generan beneficios económicos, se están privatizando en el marco de la Estrategia de Lisboa.
EnglishTransfers of capital may generate additional activity in the United States, but the positive increase in exports is generating activity in Europe.
Las transferencias de capital pueden generar actividad adicional en los Estados Unidos, pero la evolución positiva de la exportación está generando actividad en Europa.
EnglishI do not agree that natural and commercial disasters, especially for small- and medium-sized farms, should generate profits for insurance capital.
No estoy de acuerdo con que las catástrofes naturales y comerciales, especialmente en las pequeñas y medianas explotaciones, deban generar beneficios para las compañías de seguros.