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generate carbon
  • generar carbono

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Rather than chopping them down for little financial return, the forests could be left standing in order to generate carbon credits.
The pristine forests, meanwhile, will be conserved so as to generate carbon credits.
This helped them come up with a figure for their carbon storage capacity and to generate carbon credits.
This switch will generate carbon credits and demonstrates specific actions being taken to fight climate change.
The livestock industry does not just generate carbon dioxide -- it adds to the full spectrum of major greenhouse gases.
The project would generate carbon credits through oil palm plantations, in a region where land conflicts have left several campesino leaders dead over the past months.
The idea behind carbon pricing isn't necessarily to raise additional revenue for governments, but to place a financial disincentive on activities that generate carbon dioxide.
They all generate carbon monoxide, a colourless and odourless gas which is fatal if allowed to accumulate.
The pump contains sugar and yeast, which, when combined with a bit of water and slightly heated by the patient's own body, generate carbon dioxide.
To be eligible, projects that generate carbon offset credits must occur outside the scope of activities of the entity subject to the carbon tax.

Context sentences for "generate carbon" in Spanish

EnglishIt is also clear from this allocation plan that Germany is neglecting to offer any incentives for conversion from coal to fuels that generate less carbon dioxide.
Asimismo, este plan de asignaciones evidencia que Alemania se niega a incentivar la sustitución del carbón por combustibles que generan menos dióxido de carbono.

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