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generate cash
  • generar efectivo

Context sentences for "generate cash" in English

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Companies that display the two traits would be those with very weak balance sheets and an inability to generate cash.
Loxton is planning to diversify while he is growing other crops to generate cash.
That level is still high, and will require the company to do more to generate cash.
Our mines have been modelled to generate cash flows at gold prices well below the $1 000/oz level.
The revenue model also looks to have potential to generate cash flows from the platform that have "annuity" style ongoing fee income.
This includes the ability of the company to generate cash flows and grow its cash flows and the quality of its balance sheet.
An inability to generate cash flow could be a sign that a company has a low quality business.
Dealers said farmers sold some grain to generate cash flow, but the majority of producers were not impressed with commodity prices.
It needed the rebates from suppliers to generate cash flow which is the lifeblood of any company.
Sears said that it expects to continue to try to generate cash from real estate sales and borrowing.