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generate discussion
  • generar discusión

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Ask someone to name his or her favourite local restaurant and it's sure to generate discussion.
Ask the right questions from the right people in an attempt to generate discussion, provoke thought and stir the imagination.
Really participative in class and not afraid to generate discussion...
That was just the (misleading) headline to generate discussion (which worked).
We also wanted to present a variety of different sociocultural forms of glacier knowledge that go beyond science, to generate discussion.
Activists seek to raise issues publicly to generate discussion and achieve outcomes that, in their view, will improve society as a whole.
Asked to clarify her position, the lawyer said her comments in the paper were designed to generate discussion and were not intended for public circulation.
It is designed to generate discussion and debate on the new forms and structures of employment that future generations will be facing.
The aim of this post what to generate discussion and it did.
He says street art aims to use public space to engage communities, generate discussion, and challenge ideas.

Context sentences for "generate discussion" in Spanish

EnglishPlus, generate discussion relating to the complex interactions between natural, Aboriginal and built heritage.
Además, iniciará el debate en lo referente a las complejas interacciones entre el patrimonio natural, el aborigen y el construido.

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