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generate energy
  • generar energía

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Every year roughly 25,000 trees are collected by the city and transformed into wood chips that are then used to generate energy.
Many of the world's economies are growing rapidly, and the world's burning a lot of coal to generate energy.
That's significant considering iron's role in helping to transfer oxygen to working muscles via red blood cells to generate energy.
The science says that when creatine is taken up into the muscle, it helps to generate energy.
The semi-state company said the increase came primarily from an improvement in the amount of time its power plants were available to generate energy.
The team responded by saying that their product was using sound pollution to generate energy.
The uranium is then fed into another reactor all on its own, to generate energy.
This glucose is then carried to the cells of the body via the bloodstream to generate energy.
To generate energy, the plant will process approximately 150,000 tons of waste per year, significantly reducing the need for landfill use.
We are seeing an overall increased amount of bio-mass waste being used to generate energy.

Context sentences for "generate energy" in Spanish

EnglishNot one can be used to generate nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.
Ninguna de ellas puede utilizarse para la generación de energía nuclear con fines pacíficos.
EnglishOr the ladder mills with high-level kites that work as windmills and generate energy.
O los molinos de viento con cometas a gran altura que funcionan como molinos de viento y generan energía.
EnglishNowadays, the only way to generate clean energy on a large scale is to use nuclear.
Actualmente, la única manera de generar energía no contaminante a gran escala es utilizar la energía nuclear.
EnglishRenewable sources of energy that generate electricity should be given preferential development.
Por lo tanto, deben ser desarrolladas con prioridad las fuentes de energía renovables que producen electricidad.
EnglishWhen we look at the United Nations and at climate policy, we all know that we need to change the way we generate energy.
Cuando consideramos las Naciones Unidas y la política climática, todos sabemos que necesitamos cambiar la forma en que generamos energía.
EnglishThe second is the continuous degradation of the environment, primarily due to extensive use of fossil materials to generate energy.
El segundo es la continua degradación del medio ambiente, sobre todo debido al amplio uso de materiales fósiles para generar energía.
English   – Commissioner, at the moment, energy trading, and particularly energy imports, generate high profits at international level.
   – Señora Comisaria, en estos momentos el comercio de la energía y, sobre todo, su importación generan abundantes beneficios a escala internacional.
EnglishFor this reason, the investments in the security and treatment of radioactive waste should be a priority for the countries that generate nuclear energy.
Por este motivo, las inversiones en la seguridad y el tratamiento de residuos radiactivos deben ser prioritarias para los países que generan energía nuclear.
EnglishWe want a green economy, which makes rational use of the environment and which develops new sources of energy and new technologies to generate energy and to save it.
Queremos una economía ecológica que haga un uso razonable del medio ambiente y desarrolle nuevas fuentes de energía y nuevas tecnologías para generar y ahorrar energía.
EnglishThe offshore wind farms which are being built in large numbers to generate energy must also be included, from the perspective both of fisheries and of maritime safety.
Los parques eólicos marinos que se están construyendo en grandes cantidades para generar energía también deben estar incluidos, desde la perspectiva de la pesca y de la seguridad marítima.
EnglishIt is obvious that in some Member States there is neither the will nor the inclination to take seriously the need to generate renewable energy, while others are forging ahead.
Está claro que en algunos Estados miembros no existe ni la voluntad ni la inclinación de tomarse en serio la necesidad de generar energías renovables, mientras que otros siguen adelante.

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