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generate enthusiasm
  • generar entusiasmo

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Gene editing is exceedingly promising and very exciting, but it's hard to generate enthusiasm in the current market.
The scheme, which is for brilliant needy students, is meant to generate enthusiasm in the study of science, mathematics and technology, especially in the second cycle institutions.
Targeted courses that prepare students for local opportunities are most likely to generate enthusiasm and enrolment.
It is about bringing them forth to let the state know that these sports can also generate enthusiasm, as much as other known sports.
We must generate enthusiasm in those who are willing to get involved, so that they will stay involved and enjoy doing so.
There is no best building but there are a number of buildings which seem to continue to generate enthusiasm from those using them.
Entrepreneurs persuade, influence and sell as a way to garner support, generate enthusiasm and inspire people around them.
You would be forgiven for not noticing, but today marks the end of an official year of "worldwide celebration", designed to "generate enthusiasm" and "reach across the globe".

Context sentences for "generate enthusiasm" in Spanish

EnglishThe innovative measures would then generate more frustration than enthusiasm.
Las políticas innovadoras producirían entonces más frustración que satisfacción.
EnglishIt does not generate any great enthusiasm or paint any broad canvases.
No genera un gran entusiasmo ni pinta grandes escenarios.
EnglishIt will be difficult in Ireland, where a referendum is required, to generate enthusiasm for the Amsterdam Treaty.
En Irlanda, donde se requiere un referéndum, va a ser difícil generar algún entusiasmo por el Tratado de Amsterdam.
EnglishBoth Bulgaria's accession to the European Union and its accession to the Schengen area generate enthusiasm among all of Bulgaria's citizens.
Tanto la adhesión de Bulgaria a la Unión Europea como su incorporación al espacio Schengen generan entusiasmo entre los ciudadanos búlgaros.
EnglishIn short, although this programme does not generate much enthusiasm, Commissioner - as I said at the beginning - I believe that it is important.
En definitiva, aunque -como decía al principio- este programa no despierta mucho entusiasmo, señora Comisaria, yo creo que es muy importante.
EnglishEurope will not generate renewed enthusiasm until such time as it becomes truly democratic and listens to the wishes and needs of its peoples and citizens.
Europa no generará un entusiasmo renovado hasta que se convierta en verdaderamente democrática y escuche los deseos y necesidades de sus pueblos y ciudadanos.
EnglishThis is the only way to successfully generate interest – maybe even enthusiasm – on the part of even apolitical European citizens in their – our – Europe.
Es la única forma de generar interés efectivamente, quizá incluso entusiasmo, entre los ciudadanos europeos aunque sean apolíticos en su Europa que es la nuestra.

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