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generate greenhouse
  • generar invernadero

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Although they have done almost nothing to generate the greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming, they may already be among its first casualties.
Ninety per cent commercial activities generate greenhouse gases, which lead to climate change, he said, adding that most of such activities are based in cities.
Human activities generate greenhouse gas emissions.
The process of production, consumption and waste disposal of industrial products based on fossil fuels generates greenhouse gases which induce global warming.
It is important to keep in mind that when cement is used to create roads, it generates greenhouse gases, which negatively affect the environment.
It is a welcome sign of growing consensus about the need for taxes on fuels that generate greenhouse gas emissions.
This blindness shows up directly when it comes to global warming - a refusal to talk about people actually using less of what generates greenhouse emissions.
It still generates greenhouse gas emissions and particulate pollution.
That's good news for the climate because clearing forests generates greenhouse gas emissions.
Any individual or company that engages in activities that generate greenhouse gases imposes a cost on everyone else by contributing to climate change.

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