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generate hypotheses
  • generar hipótesis

Context sentences for "generate hypotheses" in English

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In other words, they offer a useful starting point to generate hypotheses or test ideas.
A passion for collecting information through observation, measurement and description of new phenomena grew stronger, though it took successive generations to generate hypotheses about their meaning.
They are either unable to generate hypotheses which are audacious enough or frightened at the volume of negative results.
Use real research to generate hypotheses, not answers.
While time trend studies can bring to light changing patterns in a population, and help generate hypotheses for future research, they can't tell us what factors cause the observed changes.
It would need to read literature to uncover new knowledge, evaluate the quality of the information, look for patterns and connections between facts, and then generate hypotheses to test.
Clearly, specific animal experiments contribute to our understanding of the disease and generate hypotheses.
For example, given the speed at which data changes, researchers must see that and generate hypotheses just as quickly.
It can only generate hypotheses about how people will behave and make models that analyze whether those hypotheses are true.