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generate knowledge
  • generar conocimiento

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Perhaps we can use this technology to generate knowledge and conserve traditional wisdom.
She said the scheme was "essential to build our national capacity to generate knowledge and use it to advance our economic, social and environmental objectives".
We think products can generate knowledge and wisdom instead of dependence and ignorance.
Monitoring and evaluation help improve performance and accountability, generate knowledge, and also help to improve decision-making.
Not only do they generate knowledge and innovation, they contribute to the local economy and can attract further investment.
They believe it will stimulate research and development, drive innovation and generate knowledge to improve society.
After all, while dialogue can generate knowledge, it is also meant as a way to build a relationship that can foster greater understanding between peoples.
Funding to universities is increasingly tied to researchers' ability to generate knowledge that can be turned into profit.
Universities exist to preserve culture and generate knowledge.
Visual images investigate and generate knowledge about the city, producing evidence for physical change.

Context sentences for "generate knowledge" in Spanish

EnglishWhat resources do we have, at the present time, to generate knowledge?
¿Qué tenemos, en estos momentos, para generar conocimientos?

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