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generate lift
  • generar elevación

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Analysis of the dinosaur's arms suggests this creature was able (at least in theory) to generate lift -- an important prerequisite for flight.
As it moves through the water, oncoming waves are pushed through the gap between the skids capturing the wave's energy to generate lift.
As soon as you start to talk about tethers, a balloon makes more sense as it isn't continuously using energy to generate lift.
In order for a bird to generate lift, it has to propel itself forward through the air such that air flows over its wings.
It relies on twin-ducted fans to generate lift.
Pilots can aim the nozzles downward to generate lift, but that doesn't mean it's easy to keep the plane stable.
More than enough speed for the plane to generate lift and not fall out of the sky.
Scorpion 3 is a fully functioning prototype which utilises four electric motors to generate lift and propulsion.
The airplane needs to be clean to generate lift and fly safely.
He also established the basic principle of aerodynamics, that if air pressure is lower on the upper side of a wing, it generates lift.