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generate resentment
  • generar resentimiento

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It also generates resentment because it makes it tougher for everyone -- buyers, agents, banks -- so there is a ripple effect that goes beyond the immediate sale.
The government fears that given the tribals love for liquor, the move could generate resentment among the people.
That, in turn, generates resentment in the populace and a backlash against immigration builds, driving the rise of xenophobic politics.
This has generated resentment among some communities towards wildlife protection.
The way the war on terror is being waged involving collateral losses and damages also generates resentment and reaction.
Such highly-paid foreigners would not generate resentment from their local colleagues.
But on second thoughts, the film might generate resentment amongst viewers.
They say involving an outside party could communicate a lack of responsibility toward workers and generate resentment.
Name a country, and any influx of foreign capital that gains any appreciable notice generates resentment.
That means the same standards so as not to generate resentment among men.

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