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generate the fund
  • generar el fondo

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Durkan is pulling whatever levers he can in order to generate funds to invest in lower prices.
He's teamed up with webe community, a crowdbacking community project by the latest telco in town, to generate funds to rebuild these homes.
The corporation has to generate funds to meet all its expenditures.
But an increasing number of artists have found another way to generate funds: lawsuits against each other.
The kingdom has been struggling with the reality of lower-for-longer oil prices and has been looking for ways to generate funds.
You can not say you will create employment when you don't know how much that comes into the state how to generate funds.
In its filing today, the group said it intends to fund works for both contracts through a combination of internally generated funds and bank borrowings.
The project will be funded by internally generated funds and bank borrowings.
Well without work there would be no way to generate the funds necessary to purchase the game in the first place, so perhaps that's a good call.

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