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generated annually
  • generados anualmente
  • generado anualmente

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An average residential customer will see their bill increase $1.46 per month, according to the department, which says $3.3 million will be generated annually.
But even the most conservative analyses suggest that hundreds of millions of tax dollars could be generated annually.
Discarded food makes up more than one-third of garbage generated annually.
It makes up between 31 and 45 per cent of an average of 36,000 tonnes of garbage generated annually.
And it's big business for our government exchequers too, with massive tobacco revenue being generated annually.
Sales of $66million were generated annually, of which about $60million was returned to the local economy through wages, salaries, operating expenses and purchases.
Further multi-year agreements for more anchor events are in the process of being concluded and this will add a significant amount to the revenue generated annually.
Globally, about 600 million tons of rice husk is generated annually.
A total of 3.6 million tonnes of cassava waste peels and discharged parts during the peeling process are generated annually.
The move comes close on the heels of a discussion to step up quality of theses generated annually.

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