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generating controversy
  • generando controversia

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Singh, a fiery preacher, is known for generating controversy.
The support to liquor lobby is being discussed on the ground, generating controversy.
Leadership appointments have been made in a new party structure -- in the absence of a formal decision to create an independent party -- generating controversy and confusion within the movement.
Cherry isn't a stranger to generating controversy with his social media musings.
I do think that the book and the publicity are both geared toward generating controversy, which ended up achieving the goals very well.
Something that wouldn't have been worthwhile otherwise becomes so by generating controversy.
That is not to say artists are always aware they are generating controversy.
The bottom-line, as one editor candidly points out, is that it is all about generating controversy and driving up ratings.
However, this latest research declaration is generating controversy among some researchers who believe the condition is primarily psychological.
Her death, reportedly from food poisoning, is generating controversy as would be expected.

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