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generating costs
  • generar costes
  • generando costos

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We will have very cheap coal and overall generating costs.
Owners of solar cells take little or no power from the grid mostly in the summertime and in the middle of the day when generating costs are very low.
Businesses start generating costs way before revenues.
Eskom's disclosure of its own generating costs, made up largely of the purchase of coal, is revealing but probably not in the way the company intended.
For most of the last three decades, nuclear generating costs have been lower than those for natural gas or coal.
Growing volumes of end-of-use plastics are generating costs and destroying value to the industry.
Those selling renewable energy into the grid could turn this argument on its head and say that their generating costs (sun or the wind) are zero.

Context sentences for "generating costs" in Spanish

EnglishThese efforts have been artificially stimulated by the increase in costs of generating energy in coal-fired power stations.
Estos esfuerzos se han visto estimulados de forma artificial por el aumento de los costes de generación de energía en las centrales eléctricas alimentadas con carbón.
EnglishPoland and 10 other EU Member States have undertaken reforms of their pension systems, and these reforms are currently generating significant costs for national budgets.
Polonia y otros diez Estados miembros de la UE han reformado sus sistemas de pensión, y estas reformas están generando actualmente costes considerables para los presupuestos nacionales.

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