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generating excitement
  • generando emoción

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Make some time to work on visualizing the end product, and generating excitement.
Melanson feels the attitude needs disassembling because our culture has become completely focussed on building trickle-down consumption opportunities at the expense of offering education and generating excitement.
Although the plan is generating excitement in the city, it is also drawing caution.
He is generating excitement in baseball after learning to pitch at 65 mph at just 12-years-old.
But for all the giddiness here, and the cocktails, it's not a show that is generating excitement.
The anticipation of completing the climb is generating excitement, with family members headed to the mountain.
The rise of alternate reality games coupled with mass media properties is part of what's generating excitement here.
Of the 23, 16 saw their tumors shrink by at least half and four had a complete response, meaning no detectable sign of the cancer, generating excitement among researchers.
Though he won't arrive on campus for several months, his appointment is already generating excitement among his future colleagues.

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