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generating heat
  • generación de calor
  • generando calor

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Most of the debris has been contaminated with plutonium and other radioactive elements, but it is not so radioactive that it is generating heat.
There are only two effective solutions -- remove the generated heat or remove the sensor from the part that is generating heat.
On their way, the electrons collide with atoms, causing them to rock to and fro in the crystal lattice thereby generating heat.
The appliance uses a magnetic field to move the molecules in utensils, thereby generating heat.
It therefore stops generating heat during any sort of cloud cover.
When most people think about lasers, they usually imagine them generating heat and even setting something on fire.
The idea is that warm-blooded animals spend much of their energy generating heat to keep the body warm.
He thinks that by doing "mild cold training" - getting used to patches of cooler temperatures - people will get better at generating heat and become healthier.
Like those sports, a rider is exercising and generating heat, so the cold isn't a deterrent.
But in a damp, blustery island such as ours, generating heat is as much a priority as electricity.

Context sentences for "generating heat" in Spanish

EnglishThis is an issue that is generating a lot of heat in certain Member States.
Se trata de un tema que está generando mucha polémica en algunos Estados miembros.
EnglishNearly half of all energy produced is used for generating heat, a large proportion of this from oil.
La UE debería apoyar el gran avance de las nuevas tecnologías ambientales.
EnglishFor six billion dollars we could have new cogeneration plants, generating both heat and power, with an output of 10 000 megawatts.
Por 6.000 millones de dólares obtendríamos nuevas centrales térmicas que producirían de 10.000 megavatios.
EnglishNearly half of all energy produced is used for generating heat, a large proportion of this from oil.
Casi la mitad de toda la energía producida se usa para generar calefacción, una gran proporción de la cual se obtiene gracias al petróleo.

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