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generating interest
  • generar interés
  • generando interés

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Probiotics have been generating interest among many since the 1990s.
The film has been generating interest among the audience due to the unique story line.
The banks often push the idea as a way of generating interest from the loan for themselves as well as fees from the investment.
Much of the rediscovery of rum has been fostered by outlets with classics such as mojitos and daiquiris generating interest in the spirit's versatility.
Until that point, it's better to have your money generating interest.
Perovskite has been generating interest in recent years for its use in different kinds of solar cells as well as in solar water splitting.
But there is something more to the heady accumulation of leading coaches: the modern football club need to be generating interest in everything they do.
Such a festival can play a key role in generating interest among all.
The charity's endowment -- which was supposed to be a vehicle for generating interest income -- peaked at $372,902 in 2006 and dwindled to $13,503 by 2011.
With new rinks in the hopper and the idea of league expansion generating interest, the timing could be right to grandfather in wider ice.

Context sentences for "generating interest" in Spanish

EnglishThe competition is generating enormous interest and the winners will be awarded a trip to the EP.
Este concurso está generando gran interés y los ganadores conseguirán un viaje al Parlamento Europeo.
EnglishThe development of European political parties is vital for generating public interest in EU affairs.
El desarrollo de los partidos políticos europeos es de vital importancia para generar interés público en los asuntos de la UE.

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