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generating profit
  • generación de beneficios
  • generando beneficios

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He explained that there are three factors to consider in generating profit.
These will continue to play a very important role in generating profit.
Instead of being focused on generating profit, they should realise the holy space is an equally important place that would benefit their patrons.
Tantan has not focused on generating profit, so far.
It seeks to create a win-win situation for both parties generating profit.
The farm is not only generating profit for the owners, it is providing employment to 76 people from the surrounding communities.
In that sense the banking sector is in good shape and is showing sustainable development and capacity for generating profit.
This is not about generating profit for the council, which would be illegal, it is about dealing with the increasing pressures on our roads.
Meanwhile, we might point to the problems inherent in generating profit from punishment for private companies and their shareholders.
In short, the grain transportation and handling system has never been more efficient -- at generating profit for the railways -- and its performance has never been worse.

Context sentences for "generating profit" in Spanish

EnglishHealth workers provide a social service and are not a means of generating profit.
Los trabajadores sanitarios ofrecen un servicio social y no son un medio para generar beneficios.
EnglishIn fact, all this stems from exactly the same aim, namely to find new products generating ever more profit.
De hecho, todo esto procede del mismo propósito, a saber: encontrar nuevos productos que generen aún mayores beneficios.
EnglishHowever, sometimes the only priority is increasing profit margins, generating growing pressure on businesses and increasing the risks.
Pero, en ocasiones, se da toda la prioridad a la elevación de los márgenes de beneficio, generando una presión creciente a las empresas e incrementando los riesgos.
EnglishThis should be paid for by the Western powers, or more precisely, out of their military budgets, without generating private profit in the West.
Esto debería hacerse a costa de las potencias occidentales, más concretamente a costa de sus presupuestos militares, y sin que ello generara beneficios privados en Occidente.

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