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generating sales
  • generación de ventas
  • generando ventas

Context sentences for "generating sales" in English

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Both women have needed to create all the momentum on their own, lengthening the process of generating sales.
Electronics and fashion continue to do well in terms of generating sales.
With free product listings, some less-than-scrupulous or simply over-enthusiastic sellers listed virtually anything -- sometimes in myriad different ways -- in hopes of generating sales.
Brands are obviously getting exposure and generating sales, the celebrities and the hosts are obviously being compensated.
Innovative social media tools provide small business owners alternative approaches to increasing brand awareness and generating sales.
It also looked at finding the right customers, launching ideas online and generating sales.
Social media is more important from the point of view of establishing and perpetuating brand awareness rather than generating sales.
Social media-influence campaigns are more about understanding your company, rather than generating sales.
As customers, we know that staff help is crucial in generating sales.
I think a lot of brands are trying to figure that out right now -- can social play a role in generating sales?

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