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generating steam
  • generación de vapor
  • generando vapor

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Water is extensively used in the power industry as feedwater for generating steam in fossil powered plants and cooling in nuclear power plants.
In the brewing process, water is used in generating steam and in the cooling and washing processes.
The feedwater used for power generation and cooling can be used for generating steam or cooling only after it is treated.
Nuclear plants use energetic fission events to create heat, generating steam that drives the turbines.
At temperatures needed for generating steam, heat-loss is pretty severe, so these tanks need to be extremely well insulated.
C, then move to the other ground storage area, heating the storage media and then creating, generating steam from the same storage media to operate the steam turbine.
One 30,000-barrel-per-day plant is on track to start generating steam toward the end of the year and a second is expected to be up and running six months later.
For steam injection, you want to be in a low-pressure environment as generating steam at high pressure is very difficult and inefficient.
Through generating steam and harnessing solar power, the snack foods maker strives for a balance between sustainable practices and uncompromised production of high quality food.
Using a nuclear reactor the large tower melts into the surface, generating steam which is converted into liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen.

Context sentences for "generating steam" in Spanish

EnglishThis company’s expertise is in the manufacture of boilers for generating steam and electricity.
Esta empresa está especializada en la fabricación de calderas para la generación de vapor y electricidad.

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