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generating technology
  • tecnología de generación
  • generando tecnología

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Viridian's generation portfolio consists of 747 megawatts of gas-fired combined-cycle generating technology capacity and 225 megawatts of onshore wind assets in operation and construction.
Many times, a distinction is drawn between whether an industry is generating technology rather than just implementing it.
The electricity system is ageing and the mix of generating technology -- including renewable sources like wind power -- is changing.
Based on a quick read, it looks like energy efficiency is life cycle so it would be germane to any generating technology and not necessarily an independent option.
I would think diesel would be more appropriate given its proven design and cleaner than electric given our present power generating technology.
Interest in alternative forms of power generating technology continues and countries with high levels of sunshine are ripe for solar power.
Whereas renewable energy sources such as wind and solar use asynchronous generating technology, and requires additional equipment to control/maintain reactive power of the system.

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