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generating wealth
  • generar riqueza
  • generando riqueza

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Because they provide a means of living, of earning income, and thus, generating wealth and prosperity for all.
Simply because that money is back in the system, providing employment, generating wealth and creating a standard of excellence in new verticals.
Still, generating wealth and growth is one thing.
That means a lower proportion of the population is working, generating wealth and paying income taxes.
For her, capitalism is a brilliantly flexible tool for generating wealth and managing the complexity of modern life.
That a piece of machinery designed for generating wealth and manipulating land is the focal point for human destruction echoes the show's overall message.
It will only stay strong if it looks at more efficient, and creative ways of generating wealth.
Using other people's money to buy property and shares is a tried and proven method of generating wealth.
Remember that when you earn more than inflation and when you save on taxes, you are actually generating wealth.
If we can effectively do that, we can use marketing to make the world a better place while generating wealth.

Context sentences for "generating wealth" in Spanish

EnglishThis is why we have so many problems generating wealth and creating employment.
Por eso padecemos tantas dificultades para generar riqueza y crear empleo.
EnglishAnd all the while, we have been generating more and more wealth.
Y esto se produce mientras creamos cada vez más riqueza.
EnglishThe private sector has a crucial role to play in this regard and can have a huge impact on people's lives through generating wealth and employment.
El sector privado desempeña un papel esencial a este respecto y puede tener un efecto enorme en las vidas de las personas a través de la creación de riqueza y empleo.
EnglishA well-designed trade policy can help the world deal with climate change by generating the wealth needed to pay for the mitigation and adaptation measures required.
Una política comercial bien diseñada puede contribuir al acuerdo mundial sobre el cambio climático al crear el bienestar necesario para las medidas de erradicación y adaptación necesarias.

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