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generation of architects
  • generación de arquitectos

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The new generation of architects, chefs and designers no longer flirted with countries abroad.
The new generation of architects, however, is more open to change and fresh thinking.
Are you an architect who would like to give something back to the profession and the next generation of architects?
She has supported and mentored the next generation of architects, and is an inspiration to women who aspire to leadership in the profession.
All three buildings, designed by a younger generation of architects, embrace values of community living and interaction in the public sphere in a very tangible way.
My generation of architects is the first that could work almost anywhere in the world.
But for this generation of architects, the old distinctions between commercial (bad) and public sector (good) had ceased to have the resonance of previous decades.
They were part of a massive wave of development orchestrated by a generation of architects and planners who wanted to improve the way people lived.
A younger generation of architects are looking to create quieter buildings that work with cities rather than attempting to impose a house style on them.

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