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generation of artists
  • generación de artistas

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Not only his artwork, but his influence on a whole new generation of artists.
She is a unique artist who is respected the world over, and she continues to inspire a new generation of artists.
Welcome the new generation of artists, singers, directors and movies they are bringing out.
He belonged to a generation of artists who were rethinking the place that art should play in life.
Millie belongs to a generation of artists who are not only redefining the popular notion of art but also transforming the process of its creation.
Far from being the preserve of heritage acts' catalogue reissues, it belongs equally to a younger generation of artists.
What is his legacy and how has his work influenced the younger generation of artists?
An after-school program for children and art field trips for classrooms are designed to cultivate the next generation of artists.
Events that engage, connect, educate and inspire can give us the next generation of artists, athletes and entrepreneurs.
We take great pride in supporting and training the next generation of artists from our province.

Context sentences for "generation of artists" in Spanish

EnglishBut the new generation of artists who are distributing their products on the Internet are being left out in the cold.
Sin embargo, las nuevas generaciones de artistas que difundan y vendan sus productos a través de Internet, carecerán de protección.

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