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generation of musicians
  • generación de músicos

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And you kinda naturally want to have the same effect on people and inspire hopefully, a new generation of musicians.
One of our goals as a brand is to give back and help inspire a new generation of musicians.
The pair has long been instrumental in supporting a new generation of musicians.
But somehow it not only worked, but inspired a generation of musicians.
Prince was the soundtrack of our lives, the inspiration for a generation of musicians.
I find his generation of musicians very inspiring.
It is my way of bringing the next generation of musicians into the game and making their path easier than mine.
You guys have been around for a while, what do you think about the younger generation of musicians?
How odd that an entire generation of musicians were writing and performing without their lingua franca.
That spoof film really has obliterated an entire generation of musicians' chances of ever being taken seriously on camera.

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