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generation of politicians
  • generación de políticos

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Most of the presidential candidates come from a new generation of politicians.
That is the constitution of a new generation of politicians.
As corporators or political activists, it's our duty to keep the sanctity of the city so that it helps the next generation of politicians.
But nonetheless, those young people are being politically mobilized, and they will be the next generation of politicians.
Local governments are needed as they serve as the training ground for the next generation of politicians.
A new generation of politicians from all communities should come forward to lead this nation.
A corollary is that the end of night sittings, and the boozy camaraderie they engendered, meant that relationships were stinted for this generation of politicians.
The last two years has seen the withdrawal of some prominent politicians from partisan politics, invariably leaving the scene for the present generation of politicians.
If you're not careful, what happens is each generation of politicians pushes the difficult decisions back.

Context sentences for "generation of politicians" in Spanish

EnglishThis applies especially, of course, to the present generation of politicians.
Por supuesto, esto se aplica en particular a la generación actual de políticos.
EnglishMr Bowe's report shows quite clearly that those selfsame mistakes which a previous generation of politicians made are about to be repeated.
El informe del Sr. Bowe muestra con toda claridad que precisamente se van a repetir aquellos errores que cometió una generación de políticos antes de nosotros.
EnglishFor the first time for a thousand years, our generation of politicians has the opportunity to unite the whole of Europe on the basis of the free will of its peoples.
Por primera vez desde hace un milenio, nuestra generación de políticos tiene la oportunidad de unir a toda Europa por la voluntad libre de los pueblos.
EnglishOur generation of politicians will have to develop the courage and foresight to give the whole continent, for the first time in a thousand years, an organization of peace and cooperation.
Nuestra generación de políticos debe desarrollar la valentía y la visión de futuro para dar por vez primera desde hace mil años a todo el continente una organización de paz y de cooperación.

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