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generation of scholars
  • generación de eruditos
  • generación de estudiosos

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He said it will support leading edge research and the next generation of scholars, which is vital to creating a culture of innovation.
Hilfiker expressed the hope that this professorship will help the department continue to attract and train the next generation of scholars.
You have a new generation of scholars who are coming up.
For example, making education affordable for a generation of scholars supported by one breadwinner.
According to him, a problem creeps in, when one generation of scholars stands in the way of the other hence this could negate the relational nature of the human race.
Any university can produce a serious thought only when the ideas that got generated by one generation of scholars are improved, modified and advanced by the next generation.
Digitization allows a new generation of scholars to look at them with fresh regard.
The next generation of scholars will be able to write the history.
Present generation of scholars would welcome this pioneering attempt made in the 1960s.
In turn, this workshop hopes to train the next generation of scholars by widening their perspectives.

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