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generation of writers
  • generación de escritores

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Not only is manga more accessible for readers, but it has inspired a whole new generation of writers.
These artists came to be a part of this community by acknowledging and establishing the next generation of writers.
So what does he think about the present generation of writers?
Today's generation of writers, who are looking critically at the epics, seem to take forward these ideas.
Are games then a viable career path for a generation of writers struggling to make a living?
The first generation of writers made steampunk "an argument with the science fiction of previous generations".
Every generation of writers and readers has mourned the shrinking place of poetry in our lives, and they may not be wrong.

Context sentences for "generation of writers" in Spanish

Englishhe's reckoned to be one of his generation's finest writers
está considerado como uno de los mejores escritores de su generación

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