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generational divide
  • división generacional
  • brecha generacional

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She attributes it partly to a generational divide, with younger women having grown up accustomed to seeing women in positions of power.
She believes the problem is due in part to a generational divide.
We are quiet for a moment, sitting across a table, across a generational divide, across differences in gender expression.
Microsoft has now announced that you can expect the same sort of thing for pretty much all games that cross the generational divide.
The generational divide, he adds, is resulting in a situation where the young are teaching their elders.
We have a generational divide in terms of vocabulary.
What we are seeing is a generational divide in terms of values and ideology.
Calculations by the institute highlights how wide the generational divide has become.
But governments may be worsening the generational divide by directing the bulk of their limited resources at the people who need it least -- seniors.

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