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generational poverty
  • pobreza generacional

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All of us must ensure that we level the playing field for the hundreds of thousands of children who are at risk of continuing the cycle of generational poverty.
Comprehension programs to lift the students out of poverty do help break the cycle of generational poverty.
For many students, particularly those from poor working-class families, obtaining a degree is the only way out of a cycle of generational poverty.
It requires patience, investment, and a national commitment to ending scourges of generational poverty -- not just ameliorating them.
Policy makers and thinkers have long debated how best to help low-income families break the cycle of generational poverty.
Then there's the inherited cycle of generational poverty, lack of support systems and inability to cope with difficult situations.
These two things go a long ay towards breaking the cycle of generational poverty.
This is my story about breaking the cycle of generational poverty.
Kiley also stressed the need to end generational poverty and to build partnerships to increase affordable housing.
More people are sentenced to generational poverty than are convicted of any crime.

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