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generic alternatives
  • alternativas genéricas

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A related issue is that you, personally, can do your part to wage war against waste and inefficiency by increasing social awareness of generic alternatives.
Quebecers spend the most on prescriptions but use the lowest number of generic alternatives.
Drugmakers say that they offer significant discounts off of list price to insurers, and inexpensive generic alternatives are available.
The study also revealed only one in five schools allowed generic alternatives to school uniforms (18%).
But things do get more complicated when you're working with branded prescriptions that don't have generic alternatives.
The site also shows generic alternatives (if there are any) and posts coupons to help you save.
Another obstacle is that generic alternatives for these drugs are typically unavailable.
That bodes ill for future health budgets, as these newer advanced medications -- for which there are no generic alternatives -- can cost more than $5,000 per prescription.
It's also their choice to use brand name drugs over generic alternatives.
Advice, which may include guidance on price points and the benefits of generic alternatives are more important.

Context sentences for "generic alternatives" in Spanish

EnglishPatent holders must allow the production of generic alternatives in poorer countries.
Los titulares de patentes tienen que permitir la producción de alternativas genéricas en los países más pobres.

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