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generic competition
  • competencia genérica

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Revenues continue to fall on those products to generic competition; governments are cranking back reimbursements; and development costs continue to rise.
Revenues for these products have gradually declined over recent years due to generic competition.
Singular will face generic competition beginning in 2012, creating a market opportunity for prospective rivals intent on capturing teen users of the asthma medicine.
The firm expects the high level of generic competition to cause prices to fall by as much as 80% (see this graph).
The increase in generic competition lowers product sales and significantly affects the profitability of the market.
New blockbusters have yet to be developed to replace the late-twentieth century boom, and so almost all face generic competition.
Advair faces generic competition as the agency works with companies seeking to copy the complicated drug.
So, pricing issues and the generic competition were partly responsible for the slow growth.
It is important to note: while both drugs are off-patent, they have no generic competition.

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