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generic competitors
  • competidores genéricos

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At stake was how the government would regulate a growing class of drugs called biologics or biopharmaceuticals and their generic competitors.
Officials are angry about companies finding old drugs and jacking up the prices, or aggressively pushing drugs with cheaper generic competitors.
Sun's 4,000 sales representatives maintain strong ties with doctors and pharmacies to ensure the company's lead among lesser-known branded generic competitors.
During the intermediate period, an innovator company can not prevent its generic competitors from launching a competing project or using the information disclosed in the patent application.
Given the billions spent on pharmaceuticals each year, rules that delay generic competitors can lead to huge additional costs.
This can block more affordable generic competitors from bringing products to market beyond the 20 years required by international trade agreements.
It's now predicted that generic competitors will pummel revenue and profits this year and into 2018.
This means that generic competitors can not be stopped from entering the market with a generic version of the product, only from infringing the usage patent.

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