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generic medication
  • medicamentos genéricos

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Despite some market hesitation around the use of generic medication, there has been a 14% increase year-on-year since 2004 in the use of generics.
The advances trickle down to even the lower classes, directly as generic medication and procedures to indirectly like the effects of herd immunity.
Generic medication is made once the patent has expired on the original medication it contains the same active ingredient as the original medication, but is usually much cheaper.
Metformin -- a commonly used generic medication for type 2 diabetes -- decreases the inflammation and fibrosis characteristic of the most common form of pancreatic cancer, the researchers said.
The second study examines whether generic medication can be branded more effectively and investigates whether improving generic packaging can improve the effectiveness and reduce the side effects of generic medication.
He said patent extension would effectively block cheaper, generic medication from reaching the public earlier.
Unlike allopurinol, a generic medication commonly used to treat gout patients, levotofisopam does not inhibit xanthine oxidase.
I had taken generic medication before, but never thought much about them.

Context sentences for "generic medication" in Spanish

EnglishYou only have to look at the second question Mr Langen raised, about generic medicines and self-medication, which Mrs Read also mentioned.
Basta considerar, en este sentido, la segunda cuestión que ha planteado el Sr. Langen, esto es, el tema de los medicamentos genéricos y la automedicación.

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