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generous assistance
  • ayuda generosa
  • generosa asistencia

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The corporate sector must come up with generous assistance in this case as this requires big funding.
I have never seen such phenomenal growth and this is all because of your valuable support and generous assistance in the field of basic education.
This approach does not inherently conflict with the goal of universal access to education and could help finance more generous assistance for students who actually need it.
He said low-income countries generally qualify for more generous assistance.
Despite limited resources, valiant rescue efforts and generous assistance arrived but priorities seemed to get lost as it sat on the tarmac.
Japan's generous assistance to vulnerable communities fully reflects its commitment to international peace and development.
The idea is that with the benevolent and generous assistance of your favorite guru, you will only feast and avoid the dangerous web.
Many pedestrians stopped mid-rush hour and provided generous assistance.
Households will receive generous assistance to meet costs that may be passed on by the large polluters - pensioners and low- and middle-income households will be a priority.
The generous assistance by the civil society and the religious organizations go beyond the reach of the governments in extending the helping hand to the victims.

Context sentences for "generous assistance" in Spanish

EnglishIndividual Member States have also been prepared to make very generous offers of assistance.
Y los Estados miembros también han estado dispuestos a hacer ofertas de asistencia muy generosas.
EnglishThe second positive, meaning generous assistance and a helping hand if democracy wins in Ukraine.
La segunda, positiva, supondría ayuda generosa y una mano tendida si la democracia gana en Ucrania.
EnglishThe second positive, meaning generous assistance and a helping hand if democracy wins in Ukraine.
El Parlamento Europeo también debería favorecer firmemente la salvaguardia de la integridad del país de forma pacífica.
EnglishWe provide generous assistance.
EnglishWe are deeply grateful to our partners, the Commission and the European Parliament for their consistent and generous assistance.
Estamos profundamente agradecidos a nuestros interlocutores, la Comisión y el Parlamento Europeo, por su ayuda coherente y generosa.
EnglishIt offers long-term certainty and generous assistance to help both farmers and sugar producers with the process of adjustment.
Proporciona seguridad a largo plazo y una asistencia generosa para ayudar tanto a los agricultores como a los productores de azúcar durante el proceso de adaptación.
EnglishI would like to thank Members from all parties in this House for their generous advice and assistance to me in drawing up this report.
Quisiera expresar mi agradecimiento a los diputados pertenecientes a todos los partidos por el generoso asesoramiento y la asistencia que me han prestado en la elaboración del presente informe.
EnglishSo far, we have chalked up eight years of totally generous election assistance and observation, often with excellent results: I refer to Zimbabwe and Russia.
Hasta la fecha, hemos recogido ocho años de acciones de apoyo y observación electoral especialmente generosos, a menudo con excelentes resultados. Me refiero a Zimbabue y a Rusia.
EnglishWe still have to focus, concentrate and be generous with our time, assistance and experience in helping those countries down the road towards eventual membership of the European Union.
Aún tenemos que concentrarnos y ser generosos con nuestro tiempo, nuestra asistencia y nuestra experiencia en la ayuda a aquellos países que van camino de formar parte finalmente de la Unión Europea.

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