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generous compensation
  • compensación generosa
  • generosa compensación

Context sentences for "generous compensation" in English

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I will fight to make sure they get swift and generous compensation.
If this wretched scheme does go ahead, my fallback position always was that there would be fair and generous compensation.
Offer more generous compensation and benefits.
Fastball's top talent often commands generous compensation as well as travel and accommodation costs.
To further cushion the economic impact, the government will offer generous compensation to big polluting industries and offer free permits to major export-exposed industries.
The bigger the outbreak, the better your chances of securing a more generous compensation package.
The firm has reportedly been offering generous compensation packages to lure employees across including signing on bonuses and buying out deferred compensation.
However, some airlines are offering more generous compensation to passengers prepared to accept vouchers instead of money.
Even so, the carbon price could hardly be expected to act more decisively in the first six months, particularly given the generous compensation given to brown coal.
Despite generous compensation, perks and attention it can be a lonely one.

Context sentences for "generous compensation" in Spanish

EnglishSecond, the language teachers have been granted generous compensation.
En segundo lugar, los profesores de lengua han percibido una generosa compensación.
EnglishSecond, the language teachers have been granted generous compensation.
La compensación mínima habría sido el sueldo de tres meses por cada cinco años de servicio.
EnglishPerhaps a generous financial package of compensation to those who lost property might be the final answer.
Quizás la respuesta final podría ser una generosa compensación financiera para quienes perdieron sus propiedades.
Englishwe received generous compensation