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generous coverage
  • cobertura generosa

Context sentences for "generous coverage" in English

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It will force the vast majority of people who already have insurance to switch to more generous coverage.
Sick people would buy more generous coverage, because they need it.
That means consumers have to sign on to new plans even if they don't want or need the more generous coverage.
That could send the market into a "death spiral" -- insurers raise the price of the more generous coverage sick people are buying, because they are more expensive to cover.
Nor would employers and employees necessarily be enthusiastic, because they will likely see less generous coverage.
The open jail has received less generous coverage in recent weeks after a number of inmates went missing.
Gold and platinum plans, which are more comprehensive, have more generous coverage along with higher premiums.
Be sure to check your copayment even if you have generous coverage.
In underwear, as in mobile telephony, let generous coverage be our aim.
Reliance has extended a generous coverage for staff and their families both towards preventive care and treatment-- with no limit on some categories, a company official said.