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generous donation
  • donación generosa
  • generosa donación

Context sentences for "generous donation" in English

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Giving a calf is a huge help and a generous donation, and we are very grateful.
Thanks to a generous donation, they now have the right equipment.
The spectacular large window stood 15ft high and 20ft wide, and was paid for from a generous donation.
Their generous donation will buy 120,000 sanitary pads which will help keep 1,000 girls in school for the next year.
Their generous donation will enable many schools, who could not otherwise visit, to attend.
Their generous donation will make all the difference to heart kids on warfarin in need of this specialised equipment.
I wonder if these hard-working farmers could afford this generous donation?
We are so grateful for this generous donation.
The success of so many of our programs has relied on the generous donation of volunteer time, ideas, skills, and enthusiasm.
This is thanks in part to the generous donation of high-end electrical welding machines worth more than $75,000.

Context sentences for "generous donation" in Spanish

Englishwe thank you for your generous donation, which has been used to buy medicines
agradecemos su generoso donativo, mismo que fue aplicado a la compra de medicamentos

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