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generous handful of
  • generoso puñado de

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Albacore tuna makes for another standout taco, with a generous handful of wakame (seaweed) and hits of ginger and wasabi.
And what better way to kick up your heels than by grabbing a generous handful of bosom?
Bachman is a 26-year-old guitar virtuoso who already has a generous handful of albums to his credit.
Drape anchovy fillets over eggs and add a generous handful of breadcrumbs.
I suggested placing a generous handful of garden dolomite lime all around the plants, making sure some lime gets right down into the very middle at soil level.
Mix the gravel and pebbles with a generous handful of activated charcoal.
Powerhouse herbal tea: in a teapot add a generous handful of finely chopped sage leaves with a few sprigs of mint.
Press a generous handful of the herb crust over the lamb and transfer to a non-stick roasting tin and place in the oven for 20-25 minutes.
Put a generous handful of straw in the tops of tree ferns and wrap their stems, too, if they are in a very cold place.
Serve with a dollop of plain, unflavoured yoghurt, and a generous handful of finely chopped fresh summer herbs such as parsley and mint.

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