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generous incentives
  • incentivos generosos

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For longer term commitments some very generous incentives - compared to the beginning of 2016 - can be found with the right advice.
Then private equity guys came on the scene and started making money by incentivising management with very generous incentives.
Founded in 2006, it offers infrastructure and generous incentives for foreign and local investors in tourism and entertainment, finance, manufacturing, logistics and education.
The first is that it is not clear that high pay and generous incentives for managers help company performance.
Investment pursuit has gone beyond the traditional approach of conversing and offer of generous incentives.
Analysts say one way the banks have sought to win more customers is by offering more generous incentives to mortgage brokers.
In the past the government had to offer generous incentives to public sector employees as the starting salaries were low.
Ministers will also toughen up the selection process to weed out unsuitable trainees and introduce a package of generous incentives to attract the brightest graduates.
The government has long offered generous incentives -- extremely low taxes, state-funded security, low accountability -- to entice foreign investment.

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