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generous loan
  • préstamo generoso

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We have been incredibly lucky that we have been able to exhibit with the generous loans of buildings from various organisations within the town.
But these generous loans would come at a significant political cost.
They offered us such a generous loan list you couldn't really quibble with it.
Prosperity and generous loan schemes by various banks are tremendously adding to the already huge number of automobiles on the roads.
If corporate revenues are shrinking because of falling prices, companies will find that even the most generous loan becomes harder to repay.
He noted that some submissions encouraged students to "make a slightly greater contribution... through the generous loans scheme".
Asset-quality indicators in these portfolios are therefore holding up as borrowers are able to comply with generous loan maturity extensions.
And second, it was further reinforced with generous loans to continue the economic momentum.
Their efforts and contribution in shaping our visual environment informs us by the generous loan of some treasured works by family members and art caretakers.
He began by obtaining a generous loan, thanks to the support and connections of his father's business agent's bankers.

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