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generous package
  • paquete generoso

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Beyond tangible rewards such as pay, and intangibles such as mentoring, a business owner can profoundly shape a worker's life by providing a generous package of employee benefits.
But the 38-year-old claimed in court that she funded it all with a generous package of state handouts.
In sharp contrast to your limited stock holdings is a generous package of cash pay, perquisites, and other compensation.
There is a generous package of financial support to help with living costs in the form of loans and non-repayable grants.
He said a generous package could attract some of the pilots that are only a few years away from retirement because of the tax benefits involved.
Deal with staff honestly and fairly and give them a generous package when you have to let them go.
It all sounds like a very generous package, especially for anyone who has yet to play the original games.
It offered its poor citizens the most generous package of free basic services of any metro in the country.
Her generous package at least helps explain why she's so out of touch with those who pay the taxes which pay her salary.

Context sentences for "generous package" in Spanish

EnglishFred worked for 8 years in country A for a company which had a generous supplementary pension package.
Fred ha trabajado 8 años en el país A en una empresa que ofrecía un generoso régimen de pensión complementario.
EnglishPerhaps a generous financial package of compensation to those who lost property might be the final answer.
Quizás la respuesta final podría ser una generosa compensación financiera para quienes perdieron sus propiedades.
EnglishIt is clearly a very generous package, but at the same time it has to be a powerful package because otherwise it will not work.
Es, sin duda, un paquete muy generoso, pero a la vez tiene que ser un paquete fuerte porque, de otro modo, no funcionará.

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